New Webconf's Mixer Configurator Panel

Hi @zynthianers!

Our beloved @mheidt has been working hard on:

and finally, we are proud to introduce the new Webconf’s Mixer Configurator Panel that allows to modify Alsa-Mixer levels and options (in fact, it’s a web interface to Alsa Mixer!), as well as select what Alsa-Mixer controllers you want to be accessible from the the Zynthian UI’s Mixer layer.

Just update and enjoy …

Thanks @mheidt!!


Wow, fine!
Where do I find the Webconf’s Mixer Configurator Panel?
And: do we have a manual?

I can’t find it either :crazy_face::+1:

There is + area in Audio hardware configuration. Just click on it and everything will work.

To @mheidt & @jofemodo (specially mentioning :)) - amazing job !

Thanks. @jofemodo needs mentioning for the zynapi calls of course


Sorry guys!

Current documentation about this is quite scarce:

I will try to improve it in the next weeks … if nobody does before :wink:


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