New Zynthian case needed?


Just saw it this morning on Hacker News! Now we need one of those keyboard overlays that marks the CUIA keys, like on the Commodore 64.

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A Lot of fairly inflexible cables (HDMI/ethernet) to bring to a desktop…and you seem to loose a USB connector.
I prefer the Argon One & a bluetooth keyboard.

but this is my desktop machine not a zynth…

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I think that would that be for the keyboard.

Lovely :heart_eyes:

Slap the innards into a 37 key controller and call it the Zynthian Portatone.


Actually I’m warming to the Pi400…

I think the Pi400 is really cute, reminiscent of the home computers from the 1980’s. I can see kids plugging stuff into its expansion port. Really good educational tool. I anticipate future options, e.g. more memory

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I’ve just recommended it to a friend as a replacement for her constantly failing dell machine

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My wife didn’t let me bring this home to put a Zynthian in it. :frowning_face:.


Leave her. . . .

This must complicate the 1 in 2 out rule …

I just got one to go with the The64 full-size and Tauon PC-1…

2 of my zynths use this case, and a USB soundcard. It’s my live setup and backup unit. I have to say, I’m also very tempted by the Pi400

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