New Zynthian case needed?


Just saw it this morning on Hacker News! Now we need one of those keyboard overlays that marks the CUIA keys, like on the Commodore 64.


A Lot of fairly inflexible cables (HDMI/ethernet) to bring to a desktop…and you seem to loose a USB connector.
I prefer the Argon One & a bluetooth keyboard.

but this is my desktop machine not a zynth…

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I think that would that be for the keyboard.

Lovely :heart_eyes:

Slap the innards into a 37 key controller and call it the Zynthian Portatone.


Actually I’m warming to the Pi400…

I think the Pi400 is really cute, reminiscent of the home computers from the 1980’s. I can see kids plugging stuff into its expansion port. Really good educational tool. I anticipate future options, e.g. more memory

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I’ve just recommended it to a friend as a replacement for her constantly failing dell machine

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My wife didn’t let me bring this home to put a Zynthian in it. :frowning_face:.


Leave her. . . .

This must complicate the 1 in 2 out rule …

I just got one to go with the The64 full-size and Tauon PC-1…

2 of my zynths use this case, and a USB soundcard. It’s my live setup and backup unit. I have to say, I’m also very tempted by the Pi400

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Have you try running zynthian with Pi400? :laughing:I want to buy Pi400 recently ,but I dont know whether it can work corrcetly with zynthian OS.

I am away from home for a month. I brought a Pi400 to run ZynthBox on. It runs okay with a USB audio connector.

How warm does it get?

OK,I will try Pi400 with my PCM5122+1863 soundcard :grinning:

I think, Zynthian experience could be even better with Pi400.

It works at 1.8GHz by default vs 1.5 for the Pi4 and despite of that, Pi400 is know to be very well PASSIVE cooled.
When playing music, nobody likes any fan noise (on stage excepted).

Keyboard is know to be crappy for a “normal usage” (typing and so on) but for sending CUIA messages that will do the trick for sure :laughing:

connect an external breadboard with mcp23017, 4 switches, 4 encoders, an old 15/17inches display laying around, your soundcard and you’re ready to go.

Pi400 is the only raspberrypi computer that is currently available/ in stock in the french official reseller store, at its OFFICIAL price.

I use Pi 4B before , but it’s too costly now! :joy: So I want to try Pi400.As you said,the performance of Pi400 is better than 4B.I’m not sure the function of 40 pin header is same as 4B,so asked.