New Zynthian Oram Guide Wiki Page (Work in Progress)

I created a new wiki guide page using info gleaned from the other thread.

The link to the page can be found by going to the User’s Guide from the home page then it’s in a new category below the existing guides.

The idea is to consolidate useful information into one place. It can save the devs and others from answering the same questions over and over. Please add something if you think it could be helpful.

There are quite a few changes to things such as the midi menu in the UI so if anyone devs or otherwise has some understanding of the changes please go ahead and get stuck into it.


This should be structured as a proper user guide so that it can become the new user guide when we migrate stable release to Oram. Please use similar structure as used in the current user guides.

Thanks @LFO for starting this.

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I was kind of thinking the new content would just get cut and paste into the existing guide. If it’s structured like the existing guide then I guess that will make it easier.

I can copy all the headings over from the V4 guide (without the content) and only new stuff for Oram can be added in there. Is that what you mean?

Great work @LFO !

Please, keep doing this “oram differences compilation”, it’s really helpful in the current stage and it will be also useful when writing the final docs for Oram.

Thanks a lot!

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