New Zynthian User Guide -> mapping

thanx for the new Zynthian User Guide. Iǘe seen, that there are many issues i don know. Zynthian keeps an adventure :wink:

One thing: I miss the declarations for admin/midi profile/mapping.
I have the problem, that a keyboard sends allways high velocity values. So I want to reduce the velocity eg by factor 0.8. Is it possible to map that?

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Ok, i’ve found the midi filter rules in the zynthian wiki using the search button. If I want to change note events, i can change the channel and the note on/off value.
@jofemodo: Is it possible to implement a command to change the velocity of note on events?

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Hi Micki!

Have you tried to use the new MIDI-chain feature?
If you want to adjust velocity, you could simply add to your layers some of the available MIDI tools, like:

  • MIDI Velocity Adjust
  • MIDI Velocity Gamma
  • MIDI Velocity Randomization
  • MIDI Velocity-Range Filter

You should enable the MIDI plugins you want from the webconf LV2-Plugins panel.



@jofemodo: Hi Jose, today I tried the Miditools. With the 1st step I used only the velocity adjustment: wonderful!!! The next days I will try more. Lot of thanx from Düsseldorf !!! :bouquet:


My drum chain now includes a 1 or 2 % velocity variance via randomisation and it really makes a difference on a disco beat or anything straight like that.

What is gamma?

Sort of a distorted transfer function. It was originally used in TV cameras to partially match the characteristics of the eye, basically it’s the amount of curve in the graph…

I suppose @MrBroccoli means the “velocity gamma” LV2 plugin, from X42. The description from github page says:

Velocity Gamma – modify note velocity curve by a gamma exponent

And as Mr @wyleu points, it probably makes something similar to what is used for image gamma correction, using a “power law” like this:


for modifying the velocity curve so it’s less sensitive to differences on the lower range.

Yes but what is the gamma half life? :joy::+1:

(Thanks, you answered my question)

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