New zynthianOS image: stable-2401

Hi @zynthianers!

We have released a new image, the stable-2401. You can download from here:

This is a transitional image, but it includes some important changes and a lot of fixes and little improvements:

  • Per-device MIDI-input mode: Global stage/multi-timbral mode has been dropped. Mode is now selected for each MIDI input device, from the chain options menu. You can bold-click any device for changing the mode globally. There is 3 available modes: ACTI, OMNI, MULTI. You can learn the details in this post:

    Stage / multitimbral mixed mode - #6 by jofemodo

    This is transitional and it’s been simplified and improved in the upcoming “chain_manager” refact, so please, don’t complain too much about it. In the next release you will be pleased with the final result.

  • Per-chain MIDI-input devices: Now you can enable/disable MIDI-input devices for each chain. When combined with the device mode, this simplifies some use-caes and allows new ones that were not possible before.

  • MIDI Controller device drivers: The new MIDI controller device driver system has been improved quite a bit. Again, this is transitional, and you will see the final result when “chain_manager” arrives. Until then, you can enjoy of Plug & Play drivers for some popular devices:

    • Akai MIDI Mix
    • Novation Launchkey MINI MK3
    • Novation Launchpad MINI MK1
    • Novation Launchpad MINI MK3
    • Novation Launchpad PRO MK2
    • Novation Launchpad PRO MK3
    • Novation Launchpad X

    Driver are auto-loaded when you plug the device, and you will see they are marked as “-----” in the MIDI in menu, being unavailable for chain input.
    More are coming in the next release. If you want to program a driver for your favorite MIDI controller, you better jump to “chain_manager” branch (it will be the new testing branch very soon!).

  • Improved MIDI chains: Routing has been improved & fixed, so now you can route MIDI output to selected devices.

  • New options in the main menu:

    • Remove sequences
    • Remove chains
  • Nicer check-boxes in all menus

  • A lot of fixes and little improvements.

This is the last 32 bit image we will release. The next one will be bookworm-based 64 bit and it will include the “big chain manager refact”.




Can I get the changes by updating the latest stable, or should I burn the new image?


thanks a lot

which directories I have to backup and restore to have my current status?

I know, for sure, zynthian-my-data

and other?

You could try and it should work, but it will take some time to update everything and things could go wrong. Anyway, i would recommend to have a backup of snapshots, captures, etc.


zynthian-my-data should be enough, but perhaps you want to save the config folder too, specially in case you customized your config quite a bit.


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I did an update from stable on a V4 which worked. I have observed an issue with Aeolus that I will look at. Aelous is fine. I was playing outside its key range! :blush:


Is there any different upgrade procedure for this new version? Or just run it through the console without any problems?

Is there a chance that this update will make my schedules with multi-giga files stop working?



Same upgrade procedure. From UI admin, command line or webconf.
Regarding your snapshots, think that clone will be dropped in the next release, so you would need to re-build the routing to adapt to the new paradigm, that is a lot better, BTW.


After applying the update my Giga based snapshots are no longer opening. I think I’ll have to refactor them from scratch.

I believe this occurred due to the change regarding the instruments within the .gig files, so the entire structure of the snapshot will be different.

@jofemodo , wouldn’t it be worth alerting users in “release changes” notices?

after installation all plugins are in untick status

and I have this error for snapshots

from unit snapshost are reachable

There are no significant changes in snapshot format. They should work. Could you send the logs?


It seems something went wrong with your update. Try again and if it fails, send the logs.


Hello @jofemodo

It was a problem of perception. It didn’t actually “crash” Zynthian, it was just taking a long time to load because the gigdump utility was analyzing my giga library collection (which is extensive).
After it creates all the “.ins” files, it is able to load the snapshots (although they are empty) now I have to reconfigure the snapshots with the correct instrument, since now it needs to indicate the instrument within the gig file in each snapshot channel, not just the .gig file as it was before.

Nothing wrong, excluded this question of thick to plugins, easy to fix: just FYI, mine was a new install not an update.

Curious! I can’t reproduce this issue and snapshots work perfectly OK in my zynthians with the new stable.

Could you send screenshot from your dashboard? Hardware setup?


I installed 2401 once more step by step and I discovered the cause of Internal error:500: it was a bad snapshot here attached
001-RedGrand.zss (23.3 KB)

Plugins are still unticked

Yeah, new image for my zynth! Thanks :+1:

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Could you explain your install procedure, step by step? It’s really strange that you have the plugins unticked after first boot.

Are you copying files from your old zynthian image to the new one?
If so, what is probably failing it’s not the new stable image but the backup/restore procedure, what is a quite different thing. In such a case, i would recommend trying to backup/restore only data files.


my procedure:

  1. prepare microSD with balenaEtcher and Os2401
  2. insert in Zynthian and switch on Zynthian
  3. wait till OS is installed
  4. connect by camble Zymthian to notebook and by Webconf setup WIFI for Zynthian
  5. update Zynthian; switch off and than switch on
  6. by WinSCP-6.1.2 restore config; switch off and than switch on
  7. by WinSCP-6.1.2 restore zynthian-my-data; switch off and than switch on

HI @piattica !

OK! Crystal water now!

  • Steps 1 -5 are the installation of the new stable image. You should test that everything works before trying the next 2 steps (aka restoring the data+config from older image). If you find issues here, you should report as issues with the new image.

  • Steps 6-7 are the restore procedure. Any issue in this procedure should be reported as this. If not, we don’t know where the problem is. Any issue when loading restored snapshots, should be noted as this.
    Same if config is broken after restoring, etc. You don’t simply say “i’ve problems with the new stable image” or “it doesn’t work”. You better say “i’ve issues when restoring my old data/config in the new image” or “i’ve an issue when loading a legacy snaphot from the previous version”, etc.

Also, when reporting ANY issue, context is VERY IMPORTANT! We need ALL the details:

  • Hardware setup
  • Procedure, step by step
  • Screenshot from the dashboard
  • Logs from UI or Webconf
  • etc.

For instance, we have spent 5-6 messages to reach this point where finally i’ve the needed info.

Why are you using WinSCP instead the webconf tool for backup/restoring? Restoring the config from an older version is not so easy as smatching the new image’s config folder with the older one. You probably are breaking things by doing this. You should try using the backup/restore tool from webconf. If you find issues with this, please, report it and we will do our best to fix it.

Best regards,