Newbies guide to build a Zynthian based on Raspi 400

Hi Zynthianers!

As I promised some time ago, finally I have posted on my blog a guide depicting the process I had to build a Zynthian starting from a Raspberry PI400 + Screen + BEHRINGER audio card.
It´s written from the gratitude for the help received from many of yours during the process.

Thankx at all!

It´s a bit long, so I have divided it into 2 parts. You can access them from the next links:



I hope may be useful for someone new to Zynthian. Of course, may be reproduced as a whole or as a part, wherever needed, inside the Zynthian project.


It’s really nice, good job! :heart_eyes:

Thanks @pau!

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Nice! Well done @erasmo.

I wonder whether your mention of using a soldering iron may deter some people. Most users don’t need to go anywhere near an iron. It is only the most intrepid adventurers who are building very customised devices that need this. @jofemodo prides himself on providing a kit that only needs a screwdriver and no such soldering skills.


Yes, final result is really clean.
I find the 7 inch HDMI display is comfortable to use but quiet annoying to integrate with its big connectors & cables. Here it’s very well done.

Congrats @erasmo

Many thanks, @riban!

You’re absolutely right with the soldering iron challenge…
However I am trying to generate more awareness towards Zynthian community.

So if someone finds the project interesting but difficult, I expect to be riding to the core geniuses that made it possible, searching for answers and, voilà, could discover so many approaches to it.

My electronic abilities are far beyond the usual found on the Zynthian team, and many of their users too, but as incredible as it sounds I finally got a working DIY-Zynthian.

With a little help from my friends…

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Thank you very much @le51!

From the very start I thought in a big screen.

So all my device was turning around such idea, together all the encoders in a row over the screen.

Something that I have had the occasion to test is very comfortable to use so with left as with right hand, on a day to day basis.

Great job and nice write up.
The final product looks really nice as well. I think I will use my Pi400 for something similar.

Hi @Hans_JB!

Thank you for considering my proposal!

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I am keeping mine in its keyboard enclosure. It is handly to power it up and use as a proper Debian/Linux based desktop. Maybe I am spoilt with so many Zynthian incarnations in my collection! :smile:


https://The Pi500 sort of…

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That´s my new challenge… PI5