Nice zynthian diy blog

Found this on reddit


Did you catch that it was posted by @pac_71?

Guilty as charged. I needed to consolidate my learnings for a friend and in my research I could not find a simple “how to” on evaluating Zynthian features on the almost ubiquitous RPi doing nothing in everyone’s bottom drawer. I wrote it up before I joined here and wasn’t sure if it was too basic and off topic as it wasn’t using official hardware.

I have a USB Ethernet adapter and sound card turning up soon to see if I can do the same with a RPi Zero W as the next stage of building my Zynthian orchestra.



But seriously, that’s an excellent beginner’s guide to trying the software. :+1:

Thanks. I am reasonably okay at making stuff work on RPi’s and it took me a bit to work out if it was possible, gather the info to make it happen and troubleshoot what was going wrong to make it really work …

I wanted to share it with a mate without having to explain too much, to get what I did written down before I forgot and hopefully get some input from others if I made any mistakes :>