No access to MOD-UI web inferface [SOLVED]


I cannot access the MOD-UI web interface.
I managed though to access the web configuration tool, via IP (169.254…). Interestingly, Firefox shows the login page but does not proceed to the homepage (it simply stays there). On the other hand on Internet Explorer it seems to work fine and I can access all configuration pages.
However in none of the browsers the address 169.254.x.x:8000 can be accessed. I tried to ping it but “ping request cannot find host”.

Is anything missing?

Thanks a lot for helping!

You have to create a mod-ui layer first. It’s not running all the time. fortunately :slight_smile:

I realized I was using the wrong IP, also in the first message I wrote port “8000”, it is instead “8888”
but thanks for the comment, it pushed me to check again and find the mistake