No audio + Can't start WiFi error

I just got the latest stable version (the previous version gave an error when powering off, and the issue could not be resolved with an update). However I am running into the following problems:

  1. I have no audio. The keyboard is sending midi as expected and sound shows in the Zynthian UV meters, but I can’t hear anything. When I go to admin to “Test Audio” I get:
    mplayer -nogui -noconsole controls -nolirc -nc
    PID: 1223

  2. I cannot connect to WiFi: When I go to admin to select “WiFi” I get a “Error: can’t start wi-fi network”

Any help with getting Zynthian back running will be much appreciated!

If you are using the headphones jack then you should enable RBPi Headphones in the Admin menu or in Hardware-Audio in webconf

RBPi Headphones is checked but there is no sound.

What hardware are you using (Pi, soundcard, display, etc.) and what is your configuration (webconf dashboard, webconf->audio, etc.)

It’s a standard pre-built V4. Audio was working fine before I used the latest stable version. Audio configuration screenshot:

Are you seeing audio level meters on both the chain and the main mixbus?

Yes, the VU meters move together both in midi channel and main.

What physical audio output are you using?

Headphones as I did when using the previous version. Obviously tried different pairs just in case.

Check the “Headphones” level in the “Audio Levels” view accessible from main menu.

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Did you add/configure your wifi network? I must be done before enabling wifi.


That did it. Thanks! Although the headphones level showed up turned up in the menu, the sound came on only when I added it.