No Audio out/Display does not work

Hi! Assembled my Zynthian today with help from the Zynthian Wiki.
I get audio via headphones but not from the audio out. The Zynthian also gets Midi signals without any problems.
The display also doesn’t show any response (i got a display with a already broken Touch).
Synthian software is working fine when i hook it via micro HDMI to a monitor.

Is there any assembling Error?

Is the sound card set correctly in Webconf?
I ask because I had this problem…

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If it works with headphone and HDMI then it sounds like it is configured to not expect Zynthian hardware. If you insert the uSD card and power up without the hardware connected then it will fallback to this mode. You works then need to use webconf to configure the kit as V4.

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It seems you didn’t configure the hardware correctly. You should select “Kit V4” from the webconf.
Please, send a screenshot from the webconf dashboard.


Will give an Update if it works, when i have the time for that. sadly not in the next few days :frowning:
Thanks at all <3