No desktop environment on v4 w/ buster RC2?

Hi, I just assembled my V4 kit, burnt the buster RC2 image and… plugged everything.

I have a screen plugged on HDMI 0 of the PI, and when booting I see the raspbian booting screen, and the Zynthian UI starts alright on the zynscreen, but then I’m just left with a black screen with a cursor on my monitor.

Plugging a keyboard, I could use Ctrl+Alt+F1 to 7, and I saw the various ttys, but where the GUI environment should be here (tty7 usually), there’s just nothing.

I know an X server is running, because I could log via ssh -Y with another computer, and start graphical apps (like ZynAddSubFX).

Is there no desktop environment installed by default on the image?


OK ^^ so then it’s perfectly normal.

I just wish it would have been made clearer on the docs :confused: because I thought the default raspbian gnome was still there…

But then I fail to understand: how can access e.g. the ZynAddSubFX UI to create patches? Zynthian UI will only show pre-made patches, and starting ZynAddSubFX via ssh -Y will create a new instance, not show me the UI for the ZynaddsubFX already running in one of the layers.

If you ssh -Y into the zynthihan and then launch zynadsubfx from the zynscreen menu, does the UI load on the PC? It used to.

I tried that yes, but the UI didn’t start on my laptop. I guess the Zynthian UI starts it in a different session that the ssh one.

It should work. I do it all the time …

Do you have an Xserver running on your laptop for it to connect to? Like Xming or VcXsrv?
Also, did you connect before you ran ZynAddSubFX?

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