No initial sound after changing presets [SOLVED!]

I’ve noticed this for a while and maybe it’s just the way it is…

When I scroll down and pick a new patch, the first key I press on the keyboard either does nothing, makes a popping sound, or plays a snippet of the previous patch.

That’s until I lift the key and press it again, then I get the new sound.

Is that just the way the system works and presets are loaded?


Yes, its a kind of preview really. It needs the pressing of a note to tell it to move to the next patch and in so doing it’s too late to switch path till the next note. you get used to it when you are sound searching and I agree it’s not ideal, but certainly better than loading up a patch and cutting across to the parameters page.

If you can think of a way of improving it ( footswitch up down …? ) then that would be great.

Popping sound may be a double press on the Keyboard perhaps…? by in large I’ve found it behaves itself.

Thanks, I think the popping was just a tail end of a previous patch.

I see what you mean about it being the note press that’s actually loading the patch.
Being used to a selection loading the patch on other synths, I guess that would put additional strain on the Pi, to load patches as you scrolled down the page.

All good, I was just checking :+1: