No internal routing from Synth Layer to MOD?


I just did an online update on the software (HW: official v3 Kit upgraded to Pi4). Everything went fine but: is there still an option to route synth layers to MOD-UI? I updated from a build from 08 2020 (yes I know its old). And I cant remember exactly how I did the routing.
I think I went in the synth layer options with a bold click and chose sth. different than “system:playback_1” and “system:playback_2” in the Audio Output. But now there are only those two options.

And, more importantly:

I can’t make a connection in MOD UI from “Hardware Monitor Out 1” and “Hardware Monitor Out 2” to an input. It just snaps back. It still works with the “Hardware Capture 1”, “Hardware Capture 2”.

As I have been absent for so long: is this probably a change that has been made?

Just rolled back the update and yeah… sth HAS changed - like big time.

“mod-monitor” option is gone - and thus my whole setup because of it.

Is there an option to re-enable it?

YES. in the terminal: jack_load mod-monitor

With cherry on top?


Here’s to do it like the big boys:

log into


from there do

grep -r jack_load *

you will find

etc/systemd/system/mod-host.service:ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/jack_load mod-host
etc/systemd/system/mod-host.service:#ExecStartPre=/usr/local/bin/jack_load mod-monitor

with a text editor go into



#ExecStartPre=/usr/local/bin/jack_load mod-monitor


#ExecStartPre=/usr/local/bin/jack_load mod-monitor

now the mod-monitor will start at boot up again, for those who need it.

Thank you Grep!

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