No recording on USB

When trying to record to USB storage, I only see a 0:00 time file saved. It seems to work ok to the SDcard. I ve tried will all other usb devices unplugged and its the same. Im trying to record from external Audio, so maybe missing something. I have set an audio layer, and can see the VU meter moving when audio is coming in. Any ideas? Tried another usb stick both fat32

What USB devices do you have connected to your Zynthian?

Minilab mkii and korg nts1, but with both disconnected same issue.

Are you doing a MIDI or an audio recording? What version of Zynthian do you have? Please post an image of your webconf main page (which shows much info about the device).

Are you able to write some random file on the usb stick ? (<=> Be sure it’s not corrupted)

Audio recording, have gain as an audio layer. Not sure if this the correct way of recording to SD from external devices.

I see you are using an old version of Zynthian. It may be worth updating to see if an issue is resolved.

Will do, job for next week

Looks like maybe a bug, after recording file shows 0:00 in file name. After a reboot it displays correct length. Can you also suggest the correct way of recording from audio in. Is Gain the best plug-in?

Please report the bug on the issue tracker.

Use Gain plugin to add a simple path from audio input to audio output and hence also to the audio recorder.

Thanks will do, just need to do a couple more tests with different USB storage to make sure.