No sound from sfizz

I’ve had a play about with the 2109 staging release, and also earlier sfizz testing branches, but have never actually got sfizz to make a sound. I’ve got all the standard sfz libraries and can get Linux sampler to work as expected. On 2109staging when I set up a layer and choose sfizz as the engine it seems to all load OK, but then when I select a sfz to load it goes straight to the parameters page without any usual pause while the sfz gets loaded.

Is there some clever trick I’m missing?

I’ve tried a fresh SD card and various permutations of updating/going back to stable releases. Everything else works exactly as expected, just not sfizz.

Hi @scro!

I just tested with a fresh burned staging-2109 image and it works like a charm. Please try it:

Your issue with sfizz seems like sfizz was not correctly installed on update.



@jofemodo Looks like a full clean start has fixed it this time!

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