NoiseMaker with grouped parameters

Hi @zynthianers!

I just uploaded an improved version of the NoiseMaker engine that:

  • Implement “scale points” for many parameters, replacing “numeric values” by “list selectors”.
  • Group parameters, so you can easily find the parameters you want to modify.

It’s a big improvement for those who loves this engine (NoiseMaker). This is how it looks now:



It’s available on the stable and testing branches.



This would be implemented in zynthian-ui, no? I can’t see any recent commits for the NoizeMak3r though.

Probably patched the ttl definitions for the lv2 rather than anything in zyn-ui I’d expect.

Look in zynthian-data/lv2-custom

Thanks! Still learning to find my way around the various repositories…

And what I should have said: Great stuff: This will make editing NoizeMak3r a lot easier and more fun!

Still a bit bewildered about one thing: it only seems to be on the testing branch in zynthian-data, or is there (very likely) some upgrade mechanism that consolidates various branches in some way that I’ve missed?

Sorry for my noob question but is there an easy way (command line) to get this on my running zynthian kit? Or do I have to build it on an external chain?

By the way: Big thanks for this great project. I have endless fun with my kit v4.5.

Hi @Lumm ,

try WebConf Tool and select NoiseMaker in section Software/plugins LV2

NoiseMaker is enabled by default, so you don’t need to select it from the list as it’s already selected.
As @Baggypants & @ronsum explained, the updated ttl definition for NoiseMaker is in the zynthian-data repository, inside the lv2-custom folder. You simply have to update your zynthian and restart the UI. I just cherry-picked the needed commits on stable branch, so it should work for everybody using the latest stable SD image.


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This was the correct answer for me. I just wanted the new ui engine and not enable Noizemkr which was already enabled. The update worked as explained. Big thanks.
By the way: Noizemkr sounds incredible!!!


is this gonna be pr’d to the upstream?

After playing with this a bit, I think the grouping and names of the groups could be improved. For instance, instead of having Master #1, #2 and #3, which doesn’t really describe what’s on the different pages, one could have something like Master, Mixer and Portamento.

Another issue is that on the filter pages, I think it would be better if the contour amount were on the same page as the other continuous controllers. When adjusting the contour, it’s often necessary to adjust other cutoff controlling parameters such as the frequency and filter tracking.

I can prepare a PR with some suggestions, but I wanted to know if there are other opinions on this?

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When changing the .ttl, what do I need to do in order to start using the new definitions when changing the TAL-NoiseMaker.ttl file.? I’ve tried restarting the UI (from the admin menu), doing ‘systemctl stop zynthian’ followed by ‘systemctl start zynthian’, and rebooting, but in all cases, when I create a new layer, it’s still the old defintions that are being used.

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I suppose you are modifying the ttl in


this is intended for the updating system. You should modify the file in the lv2 bundle dir:


when it’s ready, make a PR to zynthian-data repo with the updated ttl in the lv2-custom dir.


Aha, thanks @jofemodo! Yes I was editing the file in zynthian-data.

One thing I don’t understand yet is what controls the order of the groups. It seems to be related which the first parameter index in the group is, and not the order in which the groups are specified at the end of the file?

Yes. But we could add an index to the groups and use it for sorting them in the ui. LV2 is really extensible on the fly! :grin:

Is that something that’s already supported, or does it need modification of code somewhere?

It’s implícitly supported by lv2, but t must be implemented on the zynthian side. it’s almost trivial. You add the indexes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You mean you just add lv2:index N to the group definitions? E.g.:

a pg:InputGroup;
lv2:index 53;
lv2:name “Reverb” ;
lv2:symbol “CTRL_REVERB” .

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Yes, but use consecutive indexes starting from 1 :wink:

Hm, couldn’t get that to work. My page list now starts with

a pg:InputGroup;
lv2:index 1 ;
lv2:name “Master” ;
lv2:symbol “MASTER” .

a pg:InputGroup;
lv2:index 2 ;
lv2:name “Osc Tune” ;
lv2:symbol “OSC TUNE” .

but it doesn’t affect the order of the pages in the UI. It the ordering something that is implemented only on the testing branch?

BTW, where is the source for NoiseMaker? I can’t find it with ‘apt list’ so I assume it’s specially built for Zynthian. I wanted to check a few things in the source, but the one I have downloaded once upon a time seems older with not as many parameters.