NoizeMak3r problem [SOLVED]


Please help me somebody to find if this attached snapshot with NoizeMaker layers is ok for you. When I’m trying to save such layers in the snapshots and then I”m loading them, despite of their names, all layers have got the same sound - preset, the first one from the NM presets list I think. Thank you. Ejdzi.

008-NM.zss (8.9 KB)

And the important thing is that everything is ok with snapshots created before the last big update other week.


Nobody got this issue? Im in love with noizemaker sounds (especialy leads and fx) and this is very sad for me not to be able to use them after the update. This must be a trivial issue but i do not understand the snapshots mechanism so I can’t figure it by myself. Ejdzi


I confirm that i can reproduce your problem :wink:
I will solve it ASAP … you can be sure!! (i also love NM)



OK! It’s fixed now. A misplaced “return” was preventing UI controllers to get updated when a preset is loaded. You should re-generate your snapshots because the saved ones have been generated with bad controller values.



Great! Thank you as always!!