Noob needs help setting up display

Hi guys
Im trying to set up zynthian on rpi 4b with a waveshare 4.3" dsi lcd and can’t get it to work. Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance

Here’s the wiki of the display;

In webconf navigate to Hardware->Kit and select “Custom”.
In webconf navigate to Hardware->Display and select “Pi 7 Touchscreen Display 800x480”. You will need to disable

Looks like similar display so this could work.

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Hi, you have to configure it in the webconf. Choose custom config and set /dev/fb0 for the frambuffer

Except height and width, you shouln’t needs something more
[Edit] After having a look at the wiki maybe you’ll have to set thé dt-overlay too [/edit]

Thanks guys. Got it showing the ui but can’t scroll through the fx list. Gonna try your suggestions next.

I’ve got one DSI display from aliexpress like this (really nice except, there is no mounting holes for fixing it in a case):

I didn’t needed to set anything to get the touchscreen to work.
Maybe yours need a specific touch driver


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The touch works. Except that i can’t scroll

That’s strange …

Got it working. Changed the wiring to dummies and now its working. Changing the size of the font was helpful too. Now i have to figure out how to set up my audio interface without breaking jack.
Have a roland rubix 24


I didn’t knew that interface before, looks good. If it’s USB-midi class compliant (like most of the USB sound card) it should work as is, just select in the webconf a “generic USB device”.
I could suggest, as it has an external USB type C power input, to use that feature to prevent you from some underpower problems like Xruns.

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Thanks gonna try it when i got the time👍

Assumes circling like a shark :face_with_monocle: pose …