Noob question about static IP

Hi all!

Is there any way to setup a static IP on WLAN?

(I mean a way for a noob like me!) :wink:


You need to inform yourself in the internet and apply the changes in the webconf.

I would start with changes in the wpa_supplicant (editable through webconf)

iface <your_if_name> inet static

tnks! do you mean on browser via IP on the menu System/Wifi/advancedConfig?


Ok perfect… so last (I hope!) question:
“our_if_name” is, for example, wlan0? or you mean my wifi SSID?

the left column value of ifconfig

I also try to set the static ip via editing the wifi conf in System/Wifi/advancedConfig but not work…
with only the SSID information the wifi works fine in dhcp mode …when i put the

iface wlan0 inet static
network ??? what means??

the wlan not work…

There are tons of tutorial and methods to set a static IP on the rPI, and each one of them works for just two people on the planet :wink:

At the beginning of this tutorial there is the method I used on two rPIs that I installed at work.

At home, I always use reservations on my DHCP server. Way easier…

Thank you @Axeman …i also found some different metods…but needs to edit also other file not only the wpa_supplicant…and not working with the webconf…

ok Axeman… success! after your tutorial I have to… reinstall my .img from scratch! LOL!
Let’s try again (Want to evolve from noob to complete inexperienced…)

You have the Midas Touch, @TheBorga. Everything you touch explodes… LOL :smiley:

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