Note to CC translator

Hello there, I wonder if I can program a patch that translates incoming Midi notes to cc numbers.

Is this the correct code:

MAP CH#1 NON# 0 : 0 => CH#1CC78 : 0
MAP CH#1 NON# 1 : 1 => CH#1CC78 : 1
MAP CH#1 NON# 2 : 2 => CH#1CC78 : 2

I will add a note for all the 127 cc divisions.

Next question is: where do I out this code? I am new to all of this so forgive me my ignorance.

There is a LV2 pllugin called, “MIDI Note to CC”. Does that do what you need?

Ah. Missed that. Will give it a go. Thanks!

What are you trying to do and when do we get to hear the audio … :face_with_monocle:?

I am trying to control the pitch of the Comb Filter of my Octatrack with a keyboard…

That’s smart…
The only thing is that biggest keyboards only have 88 notes, so you’d probably have a step bigger than 1 on your output… but that’s smart…

Edit… I would suggest something like
Cc value = (offset) + (key number * factor)…
So that you could ajust the slope of your curve…

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This could be done with the “Scale CC Value” MIDI FX, also available in the latest SD images, so you could create a MIDI-FX wlike this:

=> MIDI Note to CC => Scale CC Value =>

If some of this MIDI FXs are not available on the UI, you should enable them from the webconf’s LV2 panel.


Thanks both! Will give it a go. Another question: I’m looking at adding “enforce scale” to this. But I have noticed that there are only major scales in the options. Is there a way to add custom scales? Could I open up that code somehow and add my own scales? Very new to all of this but excited by all the options!