OB-XD 2 released

Two things really:

  1. I’ve hunted around for an LV2 version, and can’t see one. Perhaps someone will port it in time
  2. There are many more banks for the OB-XD 2. I have loaded these into my Zynthian already and they sounds great. Worth grabbing it just for this reason alone.
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Oh, and there’s a patch called “Huckleberry”… which nails a certain famous sound :wink:

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The LV2 version of OB-Xd was done by FalkTX, so if v2 is recently released he won’t have had time to update it.

Looking at the release notes, nothing has changed that we would need to upgrade to 2 for.

7x faster GUI controls.
Linux build.
Standalone app.
Signed and notarized installers.
Updated JUCE framework to 5.4.7 for better stability and compatibility.
Updated Banks with 2.0 compatibility.
Ilkka Rosma Dark Theme.
macOS Catalina support.
MIDI CC Learn.
MIDI CC support.
Parameter refactor.
XML based skinning.
HiDPI (Retina) ready GUI themes.

Stability improvements are always welcome, but everything else is not relevant for Zynthian.

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More presets to include would certainly be an asset for this beast, if nothing else :slight_smile:


We can import the presets for using with OBX-D :wink:


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I’ve isolated and categorised the new banks in the same style as the original 5 included banks, removing 3 duplicate banks.

So, the unprocessed original presets (3 KVR banks in there already in Zynthian) are here:
OBXD2.zip (244.8 KB)

But I recommend using the following processed file containing the converted lv2 banks, categorised in the same style as the already included banks, not containing the 3 duplicate banks:
obxd2_newbanks_lv2.zip (1.5 MB)
This file can simply be uploaded in http://zynthian.local/lib-presets, selecting “obxd”.
This will add 17 banks with 1149 extra presets to obxd, and all the ones I tried sounded marvelously :slight_smile: or at least reminescenant of a certain era, making this beast of a synth come truly alive!

Maybe @jofemodo could add the extra presets to the upcoming image ?

I’ll leave it to others to do a decent rendition of Kujashi/Jump …


Thanks for the effort, I installed them immediately.

BTW: As far as I understand, one can load presets, modify them and save the changes as snapshots, but one cannot edit presets and save them as such, correct?

Exactly. Presets can be uploaded (from webconf) but not modified/saved from zynthian. You have to use snapshots, that is a slighty different concept …


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Hi OBX-d lovers!

I just added the “new” OBX-d banks to the repository, so they will be available on next builds and also when updating your zynthian. If you do the second, please, don’t forget to click “Search new Plugins & Presets” from webconf’s LV2 panel.




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There are a few hundred presets … you will enjoy like a monkey in a fruit-market … :grin:


Yay! More like a over a 1000 more ! :slight_smile:

This brings the running total of Obxd presets on 1636 if I’m counting correctly:

root@zynthian:/zynthian/zynthian-data/presets/lv2# find -name ‘*.ttl’ | grep Obxd_ | wc -l

To put this in perspective, the total number of presets for all lv2 engines is:

root@zynthian:/zynthian/zynthian-data/presets/lv2# find -name ‘*.ttl’ | grep -v manifest.ttl | wc -l

The race is on! :slight_smile:

if the monkey has only three fingers… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Oh, I think I know the winner… I have nearly 45.000 DX7 patches. After filtering out the doubles, a high 5-digit number will probably still come out… :wink:


You are aware that this is nice timing for me, just before the next funk gig tomorrow night :grin:
Maybe, just maybe, I won’t be able to resist.

Thanks for that great stuff again!


I am going to jump in front og wyleu and say :face_with_monocle:on the funk gig


My job is done… :smiley:

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Dyango Roma :grin:



They already did in the Zynth Club thread, in fact mighty @jofemodo himself did. :eyes:
As I said: I’d really like to, I have to see what will be possible there.

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