Off Topic: CRAFTrhythm closeout - £39

I’ve been doing a few reviews and bits on my tech website ( and gathering things to do/write about - in putting together a DIY synths article, I decided to buy a CRAFTsynth 'cause they’re currently £45.

It’s actually £79 with a CRAFTrhythm. When I first got it, there were 20+ left. Then I did a review of the synth and shared it, and there were 17 rhythms left. So I bought one and built it. Here’s a review:

It sounds ridiculously good. The samples included with it are great fun, a bit Eric Serra Fifth-Element industrial with a hint of David Bowie around “I’m afraid of Americans” era. It can do an awful lot with the samples and makes Pocket Operator drums look awful (but they can sync with a 3.5mm jack, this has to go through USB MIDI). And the app… the stuff you can do would put some serious drum machines to shame, and it’s very intuitive.

If you have £39, like sample-based drum machines, DIY-ish aesthetics and weird DSP-based musical toys, get to Gear4Music right now.

They’re the only place that sold them in the UK I believe, and they have 9 left…

Here’s a picture of mine 'cause everyone likes pictures, right?


cool price!
I bought them years ago, the Rhtyhm can deliver some serious beats, and for just 45 euros/dollars it’s a steal!

Just 3 more left now. I have ordered two for gifts :wink:

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I have one. I don’t need another. I don’t need another. ONLY THREE LEFT ARGH!

(i’m resisting).

Realised that I criticised it for lack of sync - but because (unlike other Modal gear) it’s got a stereo output, you could pan full-left a click track and full-right audio and then it’ll go through a Pocket Operator (for example) - not sure about Volcas. If anyone tries it (my POs are all stored in Scotland) be good to hear how it works out!

Ordered the bundle (synth and rhythm together). They still have them (I think one left). Grab while they are still available.

They still have synth kit (20+ in stock):

I was this close to be the last buyer. Then I looked at the PO tonic with its sad eyes on my desk, and found some strength to resist it :slight_smile:

I got the CraftSynth 2, and the Skulpt, and it’s a really fun family to play with - I’m patiently waiting for a CRAFTRhythm 2 to get the aestethics treatment (and maybe inherit that MIDI DIN port with sync). Then I’ll need to have a serious conversation with my PO Tonic…

You all owe a ton of :face_with_monocle:

Form an orderly line in front of that conveniently placed battlement . . .

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Dear @wyleu, hope this rambling of notes finds you well. Talking to my Skulpt about how the open surgery on my Zynthian was taking too long, we thought with a bit of (PO)Tonic this could make the night a bit brighter. The conversation went on as a couple more voices were raised. Admittedly, all inner personas of the Skulpt. I just nodded along, agreeing with the S&H one the most…


There is last call for that last one in EU region :wink:

It’s gone. Now listed as “on order” for 109.99,-EUR, Delivery mid-September. :wink:

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