"Official" Zynthian T-Shirt


Is there an “official” Zynthian T-shirt, with logo and website, or something like that? It could be nice to wear it at SoundMit.
Or else I’ll be forced to wear the “Make Synth Not War” modular version :slight_smile:

Soundmit in Turin (Italy) 04-05 november 2017
Soundmit in Turin (Italy) 04-05 november 2017

Hi @Axeman!

@C0d3man printed some simple-but-elegant T-shirts 1 year ago, for the Maker Faire Berlin 2016. He kindly sent one for me and one for my little daughter. (I love you, @C0d3man! :love_you_gesture:)
From then, nobody have designed/printed new T-shirts for the zynthian project, but perhaps it’s time to design and print a super-cool T-shirt for the project.

Let’s do it!! @Zynthianers, please, send design proposals to this thread … :wink:




Make Zynthians not war



Keep calm and build a Zynthian :smiley:


Please upload a high-resolution image of the Zynthian logo to the Wiki for use when designing T-shirts.


There is a PressKit that includes different versions of the logo, including a vectorial version (SVG).




404 Error: The requested URL /Zynthian-Presskit.zip was not found on this server.


Sorry! I make a mistmatch. Try now :wink:




@jofemodo: Where I can send my c/v to be a Zhynthfrontman demo player? :wink:

and, BTW, since I’m a graphic, in case you need I had fun doing this …!:grin:


Ohhh yesssssss! I love it!! For sure i will use it!!
What about a t-shirt with it? :wink:


This is a quick test using the low-res jpg images:




You can upload files to the forum if the files are not super-big :wink:


P.D: I’m waiting for your CV for the “Zhynthfrontman demo player” position :yum:


why not! give me a mail, il’'wetransfer the hires file for printing! :wink:


and… here they are! .png with transparency, so you can put it on any colour you like!
SAME image 4 all, just play with hue on photoshop to see you favorite colour!

btw… to me the image is put a little too big on t-shirt example but… is veeery beautiful! i like it!

Put also the white one, perfect match with the back logo!

now working on CV! :rofl: