One more tip

I just printed the new case (V2), but before disassembling the wonderful Zynthian to put it back in here… I need some advice…
The Adafruit tft 3.5 display keeps giving me problems… Which 3.5 display can I buy (your original is sold out)? I need it to be connectable to the Raspberry gpio, I don’t care if it is capacitive because I use the four knobs of the encoders… I just wish it didn’t drive me crazy with the drivers and that it turned on without problems on startup.
Thanks for any info

Is it possible to insert a script that turns off the display when the Raspberry is turned off? Because I think I often pull the plug before the Raspberry is completely switched off…

Zynthian Black Pearl V2


I think the Great Zynthian’s developers did something, because after the last update the display turns off … THANKS

Before opening MY Zynthian… can someone confirm that this display can work well? Is '4 model A.
Thank you