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I don’t know about you but I struggle a bit with the scope and breadth of the FOSS ecosystem and the multitude of hardware platforms that are being developed. What started as a simple exercise of working out what Orac does … grew into a bit of a knowledge (or lack of knowledge?) graph of both software, operating systems and hardware capability.

I have primarily focused on areas I do not understand (well some of the things I do not understand at least … but I guess I needed to limit an already big graph and not sure if a graph could be big enough for everything I do not understand :>);

  • Orac on multiple platforms like Organelle, Norns, PatchboxOS
  • What are the above platforms built upon as far as other software packages like SuperCollider, PureData, etc.
  • How does this relate to desktop software?
  • How does this relate to boutique hardware solutions like NTS-1, Deluge, Korg RPi Compute based synths, etc?

Any thoughts or comments appreciated.


Great schema! I would add samplerbox by Joseph Ernest (and improved by Hans GitHub - hansehv/SamplerBox: Alternative/extended version of Joseph Ernest's samplerbox). Maybe it’s not as complex as Zynthian/Orac/Patchbox but it’s really handy.

How would you represent the LV2 eco- system? .

From the zynthian perspective that would be a base level graphfrom which much could descenr. The idea of doing individual applications is probably best let to the lowest levels of the taxionomy .

One the verge of 1000 LV2s preinstalled in MODui and ther growing number of other preinstalled resources, just the world of Zynthian is vast enough to require a detailed roadmap to navigate.

Some sort of user contributed WIKI documentation for each plugin, synthesizer and SFZ file (some with special orchestration features as well as note range variation) could be a real time saver for users. Perhaps standardized database tables, giving the status and capabilities of each asset as well as space for free form comments on each, like the recent " List of my favorite plugins" post.

Not yet available open source assets could be mentioned in a suggestions section, using the same form.

List of 1200+ LV2 files

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Depends on what you want to achieve. My graph above was purely exploratory and started from one node and gradually built up nodes and connections and form and structure as I added detail and gained insight as to where I was going. It was purely a tool for me to structure and clarify my thoughts and knowledge.

Taking the 1200 LV2 list. My first thoughts are that you can organise by the same author/URL and then further refine by tagging common terms like compressor, equalizer etc. It might be nice to have a graph that transitions the visualisation from grouped by author to grouped by tag.

You might want to have a mechanism to add further detailed data as @MaxMaxis suggested, record your favourites or set lists , install on your favourite platform, add new, etc. Perhaps even generic effects loops eg distortion + screamer + eq + compressor