Openavproductions: cool lv2 and other stuff

Hi all,

I have just find out about openavproductions work.
There is a samples reader that seems very nice ( It’s like samplv1 but you can use multiple samples, which is handy for drum samples.
The softs seem to be available on th KXStudio repository, but may not be compiled for arm I suppose.

I am planning to try Lupp as a standalone looper on my Zythian is order to play backing tracks.
I keep you guys updated :slight_smile:
I don’t know if it will run properly on the platform though…


The OpenAv project is led by the very talented Harry Van Harren.
He has an ambitious vision for Fabla 2 and Luppp but for now, I think most of his efforts are put into Ctlra ( ) which is a library aiming at HID integration (ie : all the fancy devices from NI and the likes).
Actually, Ctlra could be a very nice addition to Zynthian I guess, now that I think of it.

Did you get a chance to try Fabla or Lupp ?

I can see that the last commit for Lupp was 2 weeks ago. So it is encouraging.
I will definitely have a go with those stuffs.

I use Fabla quite often in my productions but I never really used Lupp aside of trying it to see what it was about. As far as I can tell, it’s very well made and solid software :slight_smile:

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