Optical out on Behringer UCA202

Hi. I have a RPI 4 and RPI 3 all running Zynthian really well, with two very budget Behringer UCA 202 interfaces, at 256 and 384 sample latency. Wondering if anyone knew the config/switch options to ensure that the optical outputs on both could be set to work. I am hoping to feed in the Zynthian’s to a roland VM3100 mixer as master clock (this is then SPDIF linked to an M-Audio Fast Track pro 8x8 SPDIF. Previously I had a Mac Mini with the Behringer working in this way, so I know the interfacing side is possible

Many thanks for any help

As far as I know, there are no software or hardware settings for this. The digital output carries the same audio as the analogue one, just presented differently.

Okay, I’ll try again, as the VM didn’t pick up a clock lock, thank you