Optional 8 analog inputs/outputs on v3 kit

Hello everybody!

So after doing a bit of searching on the forum and Wiki and coming up blank, I’ll bite!

Is there any documentation currently on the optional 8 analog inputs and outputs on the v3 kit that’s mentioned on https://shop.zynthian.org/shop/product/zynthian-bundle-all-kit-v3-326?category=13#product_full_description? :- )

Hi @HammyHavoc, welcome to the forum.

There are several ways to add I/Os to the Zynthian. One, using the GPIO pins is discussed here: Extra switches now customizable from webconf It allows you to add things like switches and pedals. The other option is very new and allows you to add CV/Gate I/Os. It is being discussed here: CV/Gate input/output

Both these topics are works in progress, but my experience is that @jofemodo and the Zynthian team are pretty amazing at developing and incorporating new ideas as they come up.

Hope this helps.


A like for a withdrawl :slight_smile:
Sorry what I said was roughly,

IT’s the convenience of the mapping environment that the zynth adds that will really be useful for the A/D; the ability to allow pedal 3 to control layer 5 in snapshot fred. Presumably that’s all to be defined in webconf?

The Out’s are a new concept in all this… We’ve had MIDI out but quite how he handle DtoA outputs and logic outputs is a bit more involved.
Presumably the Digital outs would be LED type functionality…? So we might well be looking at status display as the source. Perhaps we could put out the meter display on the Dto A’s as one option ?? That way you could make a zynth with a real meter display … ?

As far as the zynaptik goes, can it work as a direct replacement for the encoder board in situations where you might not use the standard display board… ? I’m thinking of 7" display rigs and how one might add MIDI & encoders to it.