ORAM May22: defective behaviour of a snapshot

I have a snapshot with multiple chain and
1st on these is an instrument chain with Fluidsynt and JRhodes4
when a load the snapshot the first chain sounds like string patch (not JRhodes)

001-tanti strumenti M.zss (18.1 KB)

zyncoder: oram (a7976d8)
zynthian-ui: oram (ce74bc9)
zynthian-sys: oram (b8541bc)
zynthian-data: oram (db0355a)
zynthian-webconf: oram (b098993)

It works for me. There was an update this evening to fix some snapshot compatibility. When I load your snapshot I see Fluidsynth-jRhodes3 on chain 1 and when I select chain 1 and play, I hear a Rhodes sound. I notice that chains 3, 4 & 5 have Fluidsynth without presets loaded but that looks like you have presets that are not in my Zynth, e.g. chain 3 uses bank jRhodes4 and preset jRhodes4 but my jRhodes4.sf4 has preset “jRhodes3”.

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It is so strange.
I canceled the 1st chain then I re-created and now it works. :thinking:

Today does not work: if you edit the first chain and confirm finally you got Rhodes but as the snapshot is loader are there are strings :cry: