Oram/Pi5 Boot from NVMe?

That is very useful @riban, thank you for having spent time into unlocking this apparently troublesome startup of Oram from nvme on RPI 5.

I will try to replicate the listed steps, and see what happens with my Argon Neo Pi5 + Crucial nvme.

Nice, finally I can run it from a usb stick!

The dd command seems to be failing for me. I get:
dd writing to '/dev/nvme0" : Invalid argument


Thanks @harrylnorris. I had written the wrong path to NVMe drive. I have edited the post to correct this.

Just checking - were you able to boot and establish root with no SD card inserted?


Yes! My RPi5 has no uSD, only NMVe. I can reboot it and it boots to ZynthianOS and works fine. Root partition on the NMVe is used.

What is the boot time? How much faster is booting from NVME compared to your SD card?

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Boot time is just a few seconds faster, maybe 15s compared with 18s on a RPi5, so it is marginal. The boot time in Oram and on RPi5 has improved greatly so these few extra seconds are less of a concern. Some other operations are faster though, particularly disc access. I might expect better read/write performance such as recording / playback of multitrack audio, but that isn’t tested yet.



I thought NVMe would be faster than SD. So I will give Oram a try…