ORAM: SF2 files not sorted in alphabetic order (low usability)

ORAM: the list of uploaded SF2 is not in alphabetic order and when you have uploaded many soundfonts it is really messy to search what you need.
Is it possible to have them alphabetically sorted as for 2401 stable?

by the way, the list of sfz is alphabetically sorted

Does it happen only to me? It is very annoying.

Report it as a feature request.

Sort orders are a classic success problem. What start out as a list of a few grows with usage to many tens of items and you inevitably want to quickly find something…

So do you offer Search (needs a keyboard and doing anything sophisticated requires lots of screen widgets and bizaar grammars) or clever ordering. (easy to rotate throu on one event).

So which ordering do you choose ( remember this should really apply right across zynthian, so how you select engine names behaves in the same way as when you select recorded wav files ) ?

Case sensitive names,
Case in-sensitive names
Last used

And then you will probably want to do both ascending and descending orderings.

Do you remember the selection choice for every scenario or do you maintain the state of ordering for each instance of the list you use…?

And that’s before we consider the advantages of folders,categories and favourites.

It’s quite a problem.

is my preferred