Organteq and Zynthian

A few days ago my Zynthian Kit came in. Thanks a lot, it’s amazing.
At first I had some problems, because it didn’t recognize the buttons, but someone in the forum posted that you have to switch to Kit V3 via the web interface (default was v2). And immediately everything worked. I am absolutely impressed.
I bought it mainly for a side project (synthie-pop), to have an inexpensive synthesizer-device for a live gig in March, so I can use my Yamaha P120. I am convinced that it will work great.
I solved the problem of not having a headphone output by using an old Behringer UCA222 (USB powered), connecting it to the Zynthian with a cinch cable and switched it to “monitor” (instead of using it as an audio-interface).
It works. Now, if the whole thing would become portable with a rechargeable battery, …

Now my real question: I also use the Zynthian as a midi interface to collect 3 keyboards (Yamaha P120, a master keyboard and a midified organ pedal) and send the midi signals to my PC (with 3 MIDI-channels). On it I run the new Organteq from Modart, so I can use my keyboards as 2 manuals and 1 organ pedal. Since Pianoteq apparently works on the Zynthian: Would it be possible to install ( technically and performance-technically) this software on the zynthian (beside Aeolus)? Or at least Organteq Alpha.
Unfortunately I am an absolute newbie.

Many thanks in advance.

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According to the Modartt ForumThere are no Raspberry Pi builds for Organteq at the moment. As it isn’t open source we can’t build them either.

The only other pipe organ software I know for linux is GrandOrgue It’s sample based, so it could be a problem on a 1GiB RPi 3. We don’t have a build for that either but I can have a look at getting it working with Zynth. For now, Aeolus is your best, most immediate, bet.

edit: also, that’s a great tip about the UCA222 as a headphone adaptor!

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As for portable, I use a massive phone power pack to run it.

Thank you for the information and the informative links.

And for the tipp with the power pack. I will try.