[OT] RFS - Computer controlled scenography


Hello there…

A little off topic post to show my music friend the project that ate all my spare time and kept me away from building another zynthian.

This is RFS, my computer controlled set of motorized scenographies, with 6 panels (each one is 5 meters high and 1.5 meters wide) at its first test (ALMOST 100% succesfull, for a bad command in the scene program two panels locked at the last move :slight_smile: )


We do have fun nowadays don’t we ? :smiley:


Nice project :star_struck:
Can you give some details about the control & electronics? :pray:


It’s everything arduino based, with a custom made shield to host radio receiver (nRF24L01), wifi (ESP8266), motor controllers (TB6612) and power supply regulators. Also, they’re battery powered, so no cables over the stage. And carriages are almost 100% 3d printed.

We’re still tweaking and testing, but when it will be done everything I designed (carriage electronics, firmware, remote radios, and every 3D printed part will be open source.

PC and Android App to design scenes was written by another person, so I don’t know if it will be also free…


Magnificent piece of work!

I don’t think I can ever look at a gear chain again without thinking of it as pink 3D print!


LOL :slight_smile:

For the 8 carriages (6 + 2 spares) and two remote controls, with tests, replacements, and failed prints (just a couple of gears, I’m very proud of my FrankenPrinter) we used 7 Kg of plastic. We just choose the cheapest color :wink:


I have to know.

How much does 7Kg of pink plastic cost compared with any other colour?


For the brand I use, the same PLA spool varies from 19 to 39 euros depending just on the color.
Pink (well, it’s violet, according to the label :wink: ) was the cheapest, at 19 euros, and was also discounted on Amazon.