Own Fork - Where to start?


I want to learn about possebilies which I have with the Raspberry and I want to biuld a simple Sampler with it. Therefor I want to understand how Zynthian works. I looked into the Git Repo but the first problem is that I dont understand how all this is matched together to bootable image.
Are there good reads about this? Or other things I should know about developing with the Raspi?
Thanks and greets


Hi Felix,

you can take a look at my build-system for a simple “Zynthian”. I called this “Zynthian-Stage”. It is currently not ready - only the backend is scripted. The idea behind was: I need a very stripped down synth, working only with a HDMI touch. The different setups should be done in MOD-UI (via network). On stage the recalling of the setups/pedalboards should be done with a simple touch-UI.

My scripts are located at https://github.com/dcoredump/zynthian-recipe (take a look into the folder zynthian-stage).

Regards, Holger


Hi Felix @60pfennig!

Take a look to this script:


in the zynthian-sys repository.

It should create a working zynthian image starting from a fresh minibian jessie SD-image :wink:
Follow the instructions in the file header.



Sounds fascinating Holger.

Can we start a thread for the most headless zynthian we can build?

Headless Zynthian

While this is off topic, there is a very simple sampler for RaspberryPi written in Python: Google samplerbox


As an owner of two Akai S-612 and a Yamaha VSS-30… I’d like to point there is a BIG difference between a sampler and a sample player. I would dearly like to have a sampler in Zynthian, something that brings back the spontaneity that made sampling so interesting. Soundfonts, SFZ etc are okay for well made, considered sounds… but where is the RISK in that! :wink: