Own Fork - Where to start?


I want to learn about possebilies which I have with the Raspberry and I want to biuld a simple Sampler with it. Therefor I want to understand how Zynthian works. I looked into the Git Repo but the first problem is that I dont understand how all this is matched together to bootable image.
Are there good reads about this? Or other things I should know about developing with the Raspi?
Thanks and greets


Hi Felix,

you can take a look at my build-system for a simple “Zynthian”. I called this “Zynthian-Stage”. It is currently not ready - only the backend is scripted. The idea behind was: I need a very stripped down synth, working only with a HDMI touch. The different setups should be done in MOD-UI (via network). On stage the recalling of the setups/pedalboards should be done with a simple touch-UI.

My scripts are located at https://github.com/dcoredump/zynthian-recipe (take a look into the folder zynthian-stage).

Regards, Holger


Hi Felix @60pfennig!

Take a look to this script:


in the zynthian-sys repository.

It should create a working zynthian image starting from a fresh minibian jessie SD-image :wink:
Follow the instructions in the file header.



Sounds fascinating Holger.

Can we start a thread for the most headless zynthian we can build?

Headless Zynthian

While this is off topic, there is a very simple sampler for RaspberryPi written in Python: Google samplerbox