Padthv1 demonstration song

In another forum we occasionally challenge each other to write songs to a theme. Currently the theme is ‘General Election’. As I recently found a whole heap of presets for padthv1 I thought I’d challenge myself to only use that. This is my entry.

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The link doesn’t work

Fixed! Thank you.


All zynthian born sounds?

Yes, all using the padthv1 synth. Arranged in Ardour.

Nice. Open source all the way!

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I’m not posting any more music than I’ve already linked on the subject.

Sorry it wasn’t a request for music it was more an instant reaction. I’ve just spent a weekend bellringing in Dublin and it was what we got asked about . . . (and the rugby)
I’ll have a think about a submission.


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Interesting atmosphere … I can’t stop listening … jeje … did you get your inspiration in the “Brexit ambient”? Perhaps i should search for inspiration in the “Catalunyan Process” …

BTW, how did you convert the padthv1 presets? By hand or do you write another converter? I didn’t found it in your gitlab …


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The presets aren’t in my gitlab, they’re in your github!

You should have a look in there from time to time, there’s good stuff! :laughing:

I did it every day or so … but normally don’t write an answer until i’m back to my Barcelona’s headquarters.

Of course, i saw your fantastic contribution in the issue tracker and i’m crazy for returning and integrating everything. I can’t sleep at night … believe me!! :crazy_face:

But my question was if you also have a “preset converter” for padthv1. I would like to integrate your preset converter for synthv1 in the new webconf’s preset manager, and of course, i would love to do the same for padthv1, Dexed, Raffo, etc … so you can upload the native presets and get it converted to LV2, ready to use with zynthian


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OH! No, I did it the hard way. I loaded it in to jalv.gtk, opened each preset one by one and used the Preset > save option 74 times. It only works on plugins that have a gtk gui though. Weirdly, synthv1 appears to be qt, so I couldn’t use that method, so I wrote the convertor.

Regarding the preset convertor I need some guidance you might be able to help with. Have a look at this