Parameter locking & global MIDI mappings

Two things I would really like to see are:

Parameter locks:
Allows you to lock a synth parameter which will stay the same when switching presets.

Current problem: in obxd the default voice count is 3, everytime I switch to a new preset, I need to set it back to 8… It would be nice to be able lock it, so it stays the same when switching presets.
Another example would be some FluidSynth banks, which are just really loud. Would be nice to lock the volume there. The same applies for some synths’ filters etc…
Some softsynths come with this and it’s really useful :smiley: Could easily be placed on the MIDI mapping screen and show a little lock next to the parameter.

Global MIDI mappings

Mapping CCs on the mixer screen makes them global, so no matter which screen you’re on or which track is selected, they still control the same parameter. The same would be nice for master FX.
I might wanna have several chains loaded in stage mode to switch between sounds without delay and a master FX section. But then I can’t easily control the FX on the master.
Same here, an additional setting on the MIDI mapping screen, causing the mapping to be global would be super nice to have.

Thoughts? Also sorry if this has been discussed before, I couldn’t find anything specifically about this…

This is planned. There is some development in progress that changes the core structure and this is one of the benefits that feel our of that work. It may be a while before this is available to test (unless you are brave to the point of recklessness!!!) but it is on its way.

The term “parameter lock” has been adopted by step sequencers to mean step-based parameter automation. (I don’t like that use of the term. It seems counter intuitive to me.) Your request is different and although it is a better use of the term we may be encouraged to use other terminology to avoid confusion. For some engines we store the control parameters for each preset in a consistent format but for others we use the engine’s native preset mechanism. It may prove challenging to implement this feature although we try to abstract such behaviour so nothing’s impossible :wink:. You can already save your own presets for some engines and use ZS3 to store configurations for any / all engines which can be used to(manually) configure the device to behave as you want.

I wonder how popular this request would be, i.e. are there many users who want to always lock a parameter to a specific value? Would you want to be able to manually adjust a parameter that is “locked”?


The OBXd 3 voice thing was a zynthian change to help obxd on pi3’s I think it’s time to revert it.


Aah, good to know… yeah, the V5 handles 8 obxd voices without a problem :smiley:

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Thanks for the reply, glad to hear about the mapping!!
The locking would only come in effect when switching presets, the user should still be able to change the value freely.
An idea for an implementation would be to save the locked parameters for the current engine/synth/fx on set and change and then reset it to the stored value immediately after the preset is switched.