Passing MIDI event via network?


This question may not be in the scope of Zynthian

From, it seems that is possible configure the system to pass MIDI event via network ?

LIke MIDI device -> network (or WIFI) -> Zynthian

Will it result a high latency?


Hi @Xellosdark Xellosdark!

I think it should be possible. Rui Nuno Capella (aka rncbc) has created:

QmidiNetis a MIDI network gateway application that sends and receives MIDI data (ALSA Sequencer and/or JACK MIDI) over the network, using UDP/IP multicast. Inspired by multimidicast (Linux Lighting Group - Tools) and designed to be compatible with ipMIDI for Windows (

I’ve not tested this, so i can not tell you “how big” the latency will be, but i can suposse that it will depend a lot of the network conditions.

It should be easy to configure in Zynthian. If you are really interested and need some help, don’t doubt to ask! I’m interested too, but my list of pending tasks is quite big … :weary:


thanks for the hints and I would like to try.


Great! I will be waiting for news on your advances with it …

I can vouch for qmidinet, but there is a but, it requires xwindows to run and display a funky little icon in the GUI…
If you are running headless (command line only) then

multimidicast is your friend.

These tools support the ipMIDI windows protocol so it’s quite possible to shunt midi out from a windows machine and play the midi out from raspberry pi’s . MIDI Routing over IP . . .
I have generally made it a rule to run the Ethernet traffic over wired installations, it’s been un-reliable over wireless, but this is a memory so anyone that know’s better tell me that’s the case in as rude a fashion as feel right !

I’ve used raspberry pi’s in this fashion to route from a windows 98 machine controlling a Nord Modular over it’s PC (MIDI) controller connection and the MIDI network can handle the Nord’s MIDI based timing.

I forget it’s in circuit whilst playing keyboards.
aconnect need configuring on startup for vanilla operation. aseqdump is your friend.

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