PD Automatonism


I’ve been testing a little bit with this:


It’s an amazing tool that allows to create “modular synth” patches with pd very easily.
And it’s soooo funny!!! :star_struck:

Somebody wanting to contribute a nice pd+automatonism patch for Zynthian? I would help with the controller mapping … :wink:


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When I return home from vacation I’ll try to put something together. A few years ago I played around with pd on a Mac and later installed pd on a Rpi. I remember checking out Automationism but don’t recall saving any patches. It looks like Automationism has improved quite a bit since I first used it. I’ve been meaning to check out pd on the Zynthian ever since it was added but never got around to it. This gives me a good excuse to try it.

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Great! I would help you with the zynthian integration when ready for it :wink:


After several long days it is finished and integrated. I mapped most of the controllers and created the YML file. While it is named 48Presets, it actually has 128 presets included. I installed it on my zynthian and it seems to be working
well so far. I use a touch screen with no encoders. I keep changing the controller cc assignments accidentally. Is there a way to disable midi learn? Have fun and let me know what you think.

48Presets.zip (7.68 MB)


Ohhhhh!! Jojojojo!! What a funny toy!!! I’m enjoying like a pig in the mud!! The preset morphing is amazing!! If you are OK with that, i would like to include it in the new Aruk image :wink:

Congratulations and thanks a lot for your contribution!

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Sorry @wyleu! Here the audio sample :wink:

Just jamming …


Aaah lovely! Who realised insane nagging could ever be a force for good!

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Currently there is no option for disabling the MIDI learning. Sorry …


I have found MIDI learning often gets in the way of my workflow. Maybe @ronsum may wish to raise a feature request around this? (@jofemodo may be getting bored of the quantity of tickets I am raising :slight_smile:.)


Certainly, you may add it to Aruk. I’m glad you are enjoying it and I hope to contribute more in the future. You’re project has shown steady improvement and has grown into a very nice synth. Thank
you and your team for all of the hard work.

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Aaah that’s really nice…:smiley:

Now moving on to important housekeeping matters…

Do we get an audio sample to complete this happy little scene . … ?? :face_with_monocle: