PD Automatonism

I’ve been testing a little bit with this:


It’s an amazing tool that allows to create “modular synth” patches with pd very easily.
And it’s soooo funny!!! :star_struck:

Somebody wanting to contribute a nice pd+automatonism patch for Zynthian? I would help with the controller mapping … :wink:


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When I return home from vacation I’ll try to put something together. A few years ago I played around with pd on a Mac and later installed pd on a Rpi. I remember checking out Automationism but don’t recall saving any patches. It looks like Automationism has improved quite a bit since I first used it. I’ve been meaning to check out pd on the Zynthian ever since it was added but never got around to it. This gives me a good excuse to try it.

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Great! I would help you with the zynthian integration when ready for it :wink:

After several long days it is finished and integrated. I mapped most of the controllers and created the YML file. While it is named 48Presets, it actually has 128 presets included. I installed it on my zynthian and it seems to be working
well so far. I use a touch screen with no encoders. I keep changing the controller cc assignments accidentally. Is there a way to disable midi learn? Have fun and let me know what you think.

48Presets.zip (7.68 MB)


Ohhhhh!! Jojojojo!! What a funny toy!!! I’m enjoying like a pig in the mud!! The preset morphing is amazing!! If you are OK with that, i would like to include it in the new Aruk image :wink:

Congratulations and thanks a lot for your contribution!

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Sorry @wyleu! Here the audio sample :wink:

Just jamming …


Aaah lovely! Who realised insane nagging could ever be a force for good!

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Currently there is no option for disabling the MIDI learning. Sorry …

I have found MIDI learning often gets in the way of my workflow. Maybe @ronsum may wish to raise a feature request around this? (@jofemodo may be getting bored of the quantity of tickets I am raising :slight_smile:.)


Certainly, you may add it to Aruk. I’m glad you are enjoying it and I hope to contribute more in the future. You’re project has shown steady improvement and has grown into a very nice synth. Thank
you and your team for all of the hard work.

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Aaah that’s really nice…:smiley:

Now moving on to important housekeeping matters…

Do we get an audio sample to complete this happy little scene . … ?? :face_with_monocle:

Here’s a capture I did while testing, nothing special just noodling.


How much human manipulation was involved in this…? some seriously dissonant elements but still strongly atmospheric!

The sequencer has a random element on 4 of it’s 16 notes. The three oscillators have some strange intervals on some patches that create some unusual harmonics on some notes. Most of the atmospheric aspect comes from the stereo delay and patch change morphing. The notes triggered from midi are monophonic. This wasn’t intended to be a musical composition, just testing and playing around. Most of the perameters are under midi cc control and some were changed on the fly during the testing.