Pd success

Managed to get my PD synth running on Zynthian!

Had to hack the ~./pdsettings file to get some externals to load, but straightforward otherwise.

Was happily surprised to see all the externals in /usr/lib/pd/extra/ by the way. Is that standard for Raspberry Pi, or a special Zynthian thing?

Also, the version of PD is PD-0.47.1, which was compiled on 2016/11/28. Any news any a newer version?

Thanks again for all the work getting pd running on Zynthian.

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Current Buster archive has 0.49.0.

Hi @tstex!

Congratulations! Could you share your PD patch? :wink:


Patch or it didn’t happen huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ( I accept any suspicion following that rasberry snafu :man_facepalming: )

I have attached the main patch as a preview below. There are a bunch of abstractions and externals required before it will make a sound, and it’s designed for a Yamaha WX5 midi wind controller, and an FCB1010 foot controller, so it wouldn’t work so well with a keyboard even if that stuff was included.

Basically this patch is intended to sound like the Deftones channel Hendrix at Monterey. It’s really early days. I’ll probably post something on the PureData Facebook page down the track when it’s a little more mature, and I can control it. The WX5 feels pretty different to my tenor sax right now, and the FCB1010 chip and firmware fix need to arrive from Europe before I can finish it. (See footnote below) Finally, this is my first pd patch, so it may be obvious to some that I don’t really know what I’m doing. I was just happy to complete all the steps required to get it working on the Zynthian, and not have the latency I have on Windows. (Yes I should set up a Linux dual boot. I usually have one, but haven’t for a few years)

Here is that ~./pdsettings file contents I mentioned for anyone that is interested:

loadlib1: iemlib1
loadlib2: iemlib2
loadlib3: cyclone
path1: /usr/lib/pd/extra/cyclone
path2: /usr/lib/pd/extra/iemlib

flags -rt

WXSynth7.pd (7.1 KB)

As a footnote - the FCB1010 shipped with buggy firmware which causes various control data messages to get converted into program change events, and you need to buy new hardware and firmware to make it functional ( https://www.fcb1010.eu/uno.html ) so I haven’t finished wiring everything up yet.