Performance Controller for Zynthian

I try to build Performance Controller (PerCon) for Zynthian. I learned my first programing language in the 1970 (a kind of „assembler“). The language was to use very serial. Since 2 month I work with python and if you read the script you‘ll see that there‘s a lot of potential for improvement. So please, be generous. And, I think it could be a good example for teamwork, if evrerybody with ideas helps to make it ready.

PerCon is gig-orientated and

  • plays background-files (wav, mp3),
  • sends single events,
  • can toggle between CCs and notes or chords. It can
  • momentary switches,
  • program-changes,
  • flip between channels,
  • SysEx-Data (in any lenght) and it can
  • send a chord-progressions.

All that will be edited in an Excel-Sheet. And all that works, but to slow ;-( for using on a gig. And another point is, that not all situations are save. Sometimes the program stops with errors.

PerCon works with 10 knobs. I use 4 Fingerknobs and 6 footswitches to control the system. The response works with small sounds, so you do not need a monitor. But if you‘re at home you can use SSH and VNC to see additional comments on the screen.

Future subjects can be parallel sending of audio and midi (to send midi-commands) or block-sending of commands with one knob. And the greatest step may be the manipulation of the midi-stream comming from the keyboard to change the channel, the note numbers and the velocity and the addition of needet events.

In github I have repository (Mickinator/PerCon) with all needet files and informations and I would be glad to read your comments. There is also a document with questions I have to solve.

It‘s Version No #0. And there‘s a lot to do. So feel free to work with it and make it better :sunglasses: