Pi 5 SSD? Hyper reliability?

Hi friends!,

Apologize this might seem like it’s hitting on a question I’m sure many are asking. I bet tons of us are amped to get Zynthian up and running on pi 5. But my question is specific to SSD now that some hats are coming out to utilize the pi 5’s pcie lanes. I’ve had tons of trouble with SD cards corrupting, which I think for one us is no huge deal. We’re all used to needing to tinker. Many of us probably have spare lying around with the code already on them. But I built one of these for a friend and they are not tech savy. They’re a wiz with the keys, but easily frustrated by little bugs that arrest their creative process. Would an SSD even solve the reliability issue? Has anyone given it a go yet? How’s the process of making zynthian native to the pi 5 going in general? I’m so excited by what this new sbc can offer our community. Amyways, that’s all. Thank you

I’ve been using SD-Cards for about 8 years. I’ve never had any problems with them. However, I always used SDs from good brands.

Regarding the use of SD-Cards in Zynthian, I believe that the big difference in relation to the use of SSD in the Pi5 will be in terms of speed, today with SD-Cards the speed does not exceed 40Mbps, and this has an impact when using large libraries in LinuxSampler.

lol. That could be a factor. My budget’s tight and do usually buy “affordable” sd cards. What brands do you use?

I use SanDisk.

I’m currently using Sandisk Extreme with great results.