Pi4 msata ssd bridgeboard

as to new and no infos yet available.
can you attach a mast bridge in the case or not place for mounting left?


Inside the aluminum case there is no room for mounting such a thing …
Anyway, i don’t see the need for msata drive … a good SSD works perfectly and you can have as much as 1 TB, if you really need it!


Regarding speed is more than enough for audio applications. RBPi4 microSSD has doubled the speed respect to RBPi3, and it can transfer data upto 100MB/s.

For instance, i’m using SanDisk Extreme or Ultra on almost all my zynthians, and only rarely (once in 3 years) got a corrupted SD. And i love to stress my zyns …
Regarding speed, although you always want faster boot times, currently it’s quite acceptable, and i’m not sure how much you would gain by using a msata unit.