Pi4 + pianoteq + OBDx

I just upgraded to Pi4 and decided to record a demo using the Pianoteq demo and OBDx to see how they perform.

Everything instrument from Zynthian exept drums

Drumloop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpWUPqMjoeU

Rhodes and Piano: Pianoteq
Effects: Gxdelay- stereo and Gxreverb-stereo

Bass: Noize Mak3r BS Bass Deep TAL
Effects: Calf Bass Enhancer, GxBoobTube and GxChorus-Stereo

Pads: OBDx Saw strings and one other (forgot the name)

Thanks Zynthians!


Nice! I like the rambling effect of the rapid jazz piano over a relatively slow, dragging rhythm. Similar to what Portishead were so good at. I didn’t hear any clicks. Have you experienced any xruns with this setup? Did you play all the instruments (apart from drums) simultaneously out of the Zynthian or did you record them separately? It is interesting to know how hard the Zynth is being driven (how many simultaneous engines / voices).

He can’t play 2 Pianoteq layers simultaneously, can’t he?

No clicks.

All recorded separately into DAW.

Fantastic @Humi!

I just added your piece to our ever-growing Sound Demos wiki section:


Did you buy a Pianoteq license or simply played avoiding the silent notes? :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot!!

@Humi, I forgot to say that i totally invent a stupid “title” for your nice piece. Please, feel free to change it if you don’t like … or tell me and i will change it :wink:

I just played around the dead notes :slight_smile: