Piano players using Zynthian ? Share your experience!

Hi everyone !

I’m looking for some piano players feedback ! I mean, people who are not that much into keyboards and sound design, but got interested in Zynthian anyway.

Anyone using it on a regular basis ? What’s your opinion on using Zynthian compared to using your digital piano built-in sound engine ?

The crucial point is obviously sound delay. Is there any actually ?

Is it handy / pleasant to use Zynthian with a digital piano (ie : a device with very few buttons, no knobs etc.) ?

What other features are useful and what other future feature are you be looking forward to ?


Hi @mahen,

I’m currently learning to play piano. I own a M-Audio Prokeys 88 and I think the Zynthian sound banks are much better than the built-in ones.

I use my Zynthian box for my daily piano practices and I must tell that latency cannot be detected (by ear, I dind’t measured it).

Regards, Jose.

Thanks for the reply !

Is there any additional feature you use, apart from rendering the piano sounds ? My digital piano already has amazing piano sounds but is very limited otherwise.

To be honest, I’m more than happy if I’m making something better than just noise…:wink: What I mean is I’m a totally noob musician. For sure other guys in the forum will help you about what to expect or what can be done with the zynthian box.

Regards, Jose

I am developing for Zynthian using my Kawai-MP5 digital piano via MIDI (and sometimes USB-MIDI). I don’t use the MIDI controllers - even the MP5 has some. For playing with zynaddsubfx/mda-epiano/setbfree it works very nice (for me). We will use Zynthian for our band for some gigs the next months (I hope!).

No - not for my ears. The calculated audio-latency is about 5.3ms at 48kHz and 256 sample-buffers - but I think it is more, perhaps 10ms… I have no problems.

The question is: What do you want to play? For a piano sound, you won’t use any effects or change parameters while playing? For a hammond (setBfree or setBfreak) you perhaps want to control the leslie speed and/or the drawbars…

So: you don’t need them - but sometimes you have much more fun when you have controllers - just in my opinion.

Regards, Holger


My experience is low because I just finished the construction.

My piano teacher have your same Kawai. I like very much the feel and sounds are ok. I prefer others but this is not the question.

Rhodes sounds from Zynthian are ok for me. Electronics Piano such DX, also OK. I hope that in the near future we could play acoustic pianos from XXI century. May be thru the Zynthian sampler?


Hi @Mister_Carrington!

What do you mean with “Acoustic Pianos from XXI century”? :wink:
Salamander Grand Piano is available for Linuxsampler …


Oh! Another time my Linux ignorance. Please, some links to gain knowledge?


Hi @Mister_Carrington!

Salamander Grand Piano is included in the Gorgona image. You could find it in the LinuxSampler engine. It’s a 1GB piano and i think it sounds quite well. Perhaps i didn’t explain it well.

Exactly, what kind of knowledge do you want to gain? :wink: