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Hi there.

I just found a lot of sampled pianos in soundfont format!


Has anyone tried them out?


Actually most of them are kontakt but some of them have been ported to SFZ

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Please, if you find some good SFZ there, share the link :wink:

I had a go with the 9000ft piano on my laptop but I couldn’t get it working with LinuxSampler or sfizz.

Listen to this.

This is Spring Piano sfz

Clicking and the velocity is weird.

Could it be that it is written for Sforzando?

Yes, that’s what sfz stands for. :slight_smile:


Haha. Yes I know that.

What I meant is; is there some compatability issue with using desktop and headless.

When reading about sfz it looks like it should work in any sfz player.

In the desktop program there are ADSR knobs. In Zynthian/linuxsampler there are none.


This sheds some light.

ĂŤ see now what is the problem. Or what I think is the problem.

These sfz files have properties that can and need to be configured. See photo.

We currently don’t see this in Linux sampler.


Mason & Hamlin - A works nicely with LS. Especially paired with DragonFly Room Reverb.


It’s not piano, but I recently downloaded Weresax from Karyofer…
It’s an .sfz file, but it comes with all the samples… and I selected one for each note and imported them into my Waldorf Blofeld… added envelope settings on filter ans amplituden and delayed LFO on pitch for vibrato…
I don’t know if the same thing is possible with LS… maybe not…
Sfz seems to be a standard, though, and I was believing that there were a Linux sfz player which could be implemented on Zynthian…

linuxsampler plays sfz. Although not all opcodes are supported.

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What are “opcodes” ? You mean, those extra controls like envelope or vibrato ?

You can see what is and isn’t supported here:

Thanks @Baggypants…
Many of the unsupported features concern aftertouch… in case of a piano soundfont, I’m 100.01% sure they should not be a problem…

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