Pianoteq 7 update doesn't work

I updated Pianoteq in the web GUI by drag dropping the 7z file and the GUI says the update is fine but when I play my Zynthian no sound comes from Pianoteq. All I get is the midi m sign but no audio.

I can get sound from all other engines.

But not Pianoteq :confused:

I am looking at the Debug log and the only thing that is suspicious is this:

Nov 22 22:20:28 zynthian startx[1351]: WARNING:zynthian_autoconnect.cb_jack_xrun: Jack Audio XRUN!
Nov 22 22:20:28 zynthian startx[1351]: WARNING:zynthian_autoconnect.cb_jack_xrun: Jack Audio XRUN!

One :face_with_monocle: for wylieu


Could you try to install the old 6.x binary?

Some really nice chords there!!

How cold is it …?

Ill try it this afternoon

Last week -14 c

Pianoteq 6 works.

I’m going to try uploading 7 again.


7 doesn’t work.

you are sure that you updated your zynthian and the new scripts are running?

Yes I think so.

I have updated the zynthian twice after I installed Pianoteq 7.

Is there a way to see if I am up to date?

Could it be a license issue?


Flashed a new last stable release.

Worked after I uploaded the 7z two or three times.

Sounds awesome.

I found out that it sounds best on full volume not at 97.

Go Team Zynthian

97? Mine only goes to eleven!


The Preset Update doesn’t work correctly with 7.

I have a C Bechstein licence, but it shows in the demo section

And the Ant.Petrof is gone.
I will have a look

Yes I had a similar problem. Only E-pianos but not the the pianos.

I uploaded the 7z again and then it looked right.

I had THIS as well. Update Presets is enough. But still.
Do you see Petrof?

Yes I have the Yamaha D and E-pianos.

See them both

Oh damn, modartt named the Hamburg Steinway internally
HB Steinway…in Germany HH stands for Hamburg (Hansestadt Hamburg) and HB is Bremen…which is happen to be the neighbour city and arch enemy when we talk about soccer.
THAT IS A MAJOR BUG. :slight_smile:


I have a fix

@jofemodo, please approve


Made my day. Haha

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Merged! Please, @Humi and others, confirm it’s working. I hadn’t time to test …

Thanks a lot @mheidt!