Pianoteq API

Pianoteq just released version 7.5 with an experimental JSON-RPC API. It is not OSC directly, but it can be mapped to anything.

Very basic embedded documentation is displayed when accessing the APIs port via a browser (plain HTTP). Pianoteq must be run with the option “--serve IP:PORT” (e.g. “--serve”).

According to the basic docs, it currently provides access to the audio device activation, preset listing/switching/loading/saving, adjustment of parameters and MIDI playback control. More might be hidden though and (let’s hope) more will possibly come.

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It’s been more than 2 years from i hear about this “internal development” and i started to think it was stalled, but finally it’s here! Time to improve the Pianoteq’s zynthian integration!! :star_struck:



Oh, sorry, it’s probably not “audio device activation”, but “license activation”! (The documentation does not tell much :slight_smile: )

Changing instruments and presets, and adjusting their parameters seems to be the main focus, beside of MIDI playback control. The rest is just for obtaining information about the Ptq app. The docs provide a python script for testing and demonstration.

Is it integrable this ? GitHub - shuhaowu/remote-for-pianoteq

Hi @djk314, welcome to Zynthianland. What is the use case you foresee? Zynthian has a rich set of remote control options. It would be good to understand how this extra one might benefit users before considering adding such a feature.

Thank’s. Some quick settings with this web interface. I use pianoteq on lv2 to set reverb etc… but for find settings in ctr#xx it’s boring without settings names. I already installed this with ssh and started as service but i don’t know where is pianoteq launch setting script in Zynthian (already done in my patchbox os).

You can enable PianoTec LV2 (webconf SOFTWARE->LV2 Plugins). Using the LV2 version presents the parameters within the Zynthian control screen for easy access and control. This also allows the use of Zynthian MIDI mapping to allow you to map any MIDI controller to each parameter. Try this and see if it suits your workflow.

Thank’s i already use lv2 of pianoteq for access all settings on my 7 inch touch screen, but like i said settings are named ctr#xx it’s not a real problem cause i know now were is the verb, but i would like to change launch parameters for pianoteq and add json server mode (for using quick settings remote with my mobile phone).