Pianoteq - Can't see custom presets

I bought Pianoteq stage and it installed perfectly. When I create a preset with the gui (via xming) and save it to the “My presets” bank, it doesn’t show up in Zynthian. I hit the update presets button in the web config and after reloading the layer or rebooting it doesn’t show up in the preset list from Zynthian’s ui. Updating the presets when the layer is on or off doesn’t make a difference.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Pianoteq version: Stage 6.7.3

HI walt, please, try saving your custom presets on the Pianoteq’s default directory, that should be:


Anyway, i will take a look at this …


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I created one in Pianoteq on my laptop and ssh’d it to the folder you mentioned. In that folder I found the presets I made on the Zynthian itself. Pianoteq recognizes the preset I made on my laptop, but not the ones already present in the folder. Pretty odd.

Thank you for the suggestion and sorry for the late reply.