Pianoteq ignoring three notes

I set up the newest zynthian image on my raspi 4B and I’m having issues with the pianoteq plugin. It Somehow ignores just three notes from my Midi Keyboard (Thomann DP26). Specifically the F2# , G2# and A2# notes. All other notes work fine, even on other plugin it works. Any idea why or how to debug that? Had the same issue on my 3B before.


That sounds to me like you are using the free evaluation version of pianoteq where these three notes plus some other notes higher up the keyboard are deactivated. This is the version that comes with zynthian.
compare here : https://www.modartt.com/try#restrictions
I was so impressed by the performance of pianoteq that I upgraded to pianoteq stage which makes all keys working :slight_smile:


Well okay, that was easy. Maybe shouldve looked there first. Thank you!

Or in the webconf on the Pianoteq page